IPE Decking

If you have ipe decking, you should know that oiling it is important to preserve its natural look. Although you can buy a deck oil and apply it to your deck, you should also apply an IPE oil to protect it from fading in the sun. You should also know that IPE oil is not a stain and will not stain the wood. You should use decking oil on your Ipe decking if you want it to be dark and last longer. You can learn more about  ipe decking here. 

If you want your deck to last for many decades, Ipe is a great choice. Its beautiful, rich brown grain and natural anti-fungal properties make it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor uses. Combined with a UV finisher, you can enjoy the beautiful natural beauty of your Ipe deck for many decades to come. And with proper maintenance, Ipe is naturally resistant to decay, termites, and even WDO, a kind of wood that can be found in South America. Plus, Ipe is harvested responsibly, and will return to the earth when it has decomposition.

Ipe is a tropical wood native to the rain forests. Because of its extreme hardness and density, it can be milled into long, wide planks. It is a beautiful choice for decking, but be aware that it has many potential flaws. The wood tends to twist, buckle, and cup. Moreover, ipe is not dimensionally stable and will expand and contract in temperature changes. Here's a good read about  cumaru wood price,  check it  out! 

Ipe decking can quickly become gray due to changes in moisture. Moisture accumulation and dissipation can lead to warping and cracking of the boards. In addition, exposure to ultraviolet rays will change the pigment in the boards, making the wood look dull. You should clean your Ipe decking regularly to prevent the discoloration. You can also apply an oil or varnish to protect it from the elements. And remember to maintain it properly, or you'll be left with a gray deck that will be very ugly in a few years.

When installing Ipe decking, you should make sure that you use stainless steel screws instead of plastic ones. Stainless steel screws are best suited for Ipe decking, as they won't splinter or dent easily. But you should also avoid using galvanized/coated steel or iron as they will cause black staining and will reduce the overall service life of your deck. Lastly, it is important to remember that Ipe wood is dense and requires two guys to install it properly.

Because Ipe wood is imported from Brazil, it is expensive. But the price you pay for Ipe decking will be worth it in the long run. This Brazilian hardwood also comes with significant environmental benefits, including protection from insects and the elements. Ipe prices fluctuate based on the rain and harvest seasons in Brazil. It is cheapest in October to April and most expensive in May to September. The US/CAD exchange rate also affects the price of Ipe. Kindly  visit this website  for more useful reference.